Independent Living Skills

We never underestimate an individual’s understanding or their ability to learn new skills, and we don’t believe our clients should be aging in place.

Dedicated Staff Attention
We provide customized services tailored to the individual’s needs. Our staffing ratio is 2 – 1 with individual attention whenever possible. Clients remain with their assigned staff so that rapport is established and staff know clients on an individual basis allowing for faster response to issues if they arise, and positive reinforcement of accomplishments as they occur.

Customized Positive Support & Behavioral Management Plans
We can gear programming to help phase out and even eliminate many behavioral issues through our Positive Support Plans and Behavioral Management Plans. Each of our clients work with staff to develop their goals and plans for achieving those goals.  Encouraging individualized planning allows clients really see their progressions from one step to another, and eventually to greater levels of individual self-management.

We start fresh with each individual we serve, working to uncover just what works for them, and what the best mode of support will be. Do they prefer a lot of structure or need a sense of autonomy? Our goal is to empower each individual to have a sense of control over their circumstances. These individualized plans help clients learn the skills that he or she needs  to function better in their individual life and in society.

Celebrate Wins & Achievements
We love when clients experience immediate wins and positive results from their choices! We break their plans down into achievable small goals. This “one step at a time” approach helps them to experience success quickly, and build on that success to gain greater confidence. Unlike many programs that focus on correcting bad behaviors, at RCCS behaviors are tied to positive results to build momentum and success!

 Independent Living Skills include:

  • Transportation
  • Appointments & Punctuality
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Daily Self-Care (dressing, laundry, cleaning)
  • Daily Food Planning, Shopping, Meal Preparation
  • Community Involvement (volunteering, joining community groups, attending festivals, religious organizations based on interests, etc.)

Focus on positive results to build momentum and success!