Our Management Philosophy

Employees at every level of the organization are empowered to think independently and act cooperatively. The best ideas come from those who are most involved with a specific aspect of the organization. Our staff who are most directly involved with the individuals we support are best equipped to help us with continuous improvement and enhanced communication. Supervision is essential in the development of our teams. Each member of the team, from the individual, to the agency founders, is equally important with a valuable role to play and a contribution that is not only needed by both the individual but the organization as a whole. RCSS believes that we cannot manage, supervise, or teach any of our valued employees without having had the hands-on experience of performing the majority of jobs available within the organization ourselves. It is important that each employee understands our goal is to build teams that interact exclusively with each individual we serve so that our delivery of service will be second to none.

Direct Support Professional Job Summary: The Direct Support Professional DSP provides supervision and guidance to the individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other developmental disabilities who reside in a Residentail and Community Support Service (RCSS) location by performing a variety of tasks in the areas of personal care and crisis management. Qualifications:

  • Must have a driver’s license
  • High School diploma or GED or High School Equivalent
  • Must be U.S. Citizen or Alien Authorized to work or Permanent Resident
  • Must have a reliable transportation
  • Must have a working cell and general computer skills/knowledge
  • Must be physical management certified (can be attained through RCSS)
  • Must be CPR certified (can be attained through RCSS)
  • Must be DSP certified (can be attained through RCSS)
  • Must be CRMA certified (can be attained through RCSS)

Job Requirements and Responsibilities: DSP staff job requirements include, but not limited, to assisting in behavioral and personal care services to a specific person that will enable him/her to reach his/her fullest potential and improve behavior, social and functional skills.

  • Adhere to all job duties with the agency’s mission, policies, and vision in mind.
  • Assist with any activity of daily living as outlined in the client’s Behavior Support Plan or Person Centered Plan.
  • Provide safe and continuous support in the home and Community.
  • Assist or perform aspects of personal care such as tooth-brushing, toileting, bathing, clothing, and or feeding.
  • Perform transportation for clients to attend medical appointments, community integration events, or community programming.
  • Responsible for medication administration. Must be CRMA certified and adhere to the policies and procedures relevant to medication administration.
  • Maintains and adheres to the ethics of confidentially.
  • Report any incidents identified per RCSS policy for example; safety issues or workplace injuries. These incidents must be reported immediately to your Program Supervisor and Executive Management.
  • Must complete required documentation to reflect client’s outcomes accurately and in a timely fashion.
  • Performs any and all related tasks as assigned by the Program Supervisor.
  • Responsible for ensuring all client’s medications are filled and refilled in accordance with the client’s medical prescriber.

90-day Training Period Expectations:

  • Successfully complete and pass CRMA exam.
  • Successfully complete and pass CPR course.
  • Successfully complete and pass CPI course.
  • Successfully complete and pass College of Direct Support (DSP) course.
  • Reliability (showing up on time, not calling out repeatedly, and completing documentation on time).

Training Requirements: The Direct Support Professional (DSP) is required to complete certain training requirements as listed below:

  • CPR (every 2 years)
  • Physical Management (annually)
  • CRMA (every 2 years)
  • Medication Administration (upon 90-day probation and annually thereafter)